Monday, December 27, 2010

Pokemon: Pearl Version (DS) - Session 2

12/23/10. Total Gameplay: 1:33

What happened in this session?
Look to paper notes for more detail, but struggling with levelling up because my Turtwig (Roshi) is always called first. Because of this, it is difficult to level my other Pokemon - when I swich during a match, the enemy gets a strike - then, when I’ve queued up my next attack, the enemy also gets to strike first (so 2 in a row) - this, more often then not, puts me in a position where my level 3 Starly (Pitcheme) cannot beat a level 2 bidoof. Frustrating! There must be a way to change the order.

Also, fighting is super boring. General gameplay is “attack>tackle” wait... wait...wait... wait... “attack>tackle” wait...wait.... wait... I wonder what alternatives there are to this. Maybe the ramp up is just too slow? I am probably the wrong target age range, also - but even for kids, I’d imagine they’d be getting bored at this point.

What I liked:
Started capturing Pokemon! I have 4 now. This is fun in a way that I don’t think I completely understand. Haha.

What I didn’t like
: See above section

How do I feel about continuing:

Still curious to see what’s going to happen, so I’m going to keep at it. Not really having “fun” so much though?

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