Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Okamiden (DS)

Play Time: ~20min

History with the Franchise:

Everyone told me I would like Okami, so I tried it. I think I lasted for an hour before collapsing of boredom. I know, harsh... it just really didn't grab me. I didn't even find the graphics particularly enchanting because they had been talked up so much beforehand. It was slow and felt tedious.

What Happened:
This is going to be a short journal, since I barely played any of the game at all! I wasn't planning on doing a write up until I had given it some more time, but I'm really pessimistic that I ever will give it more time, and that in itself is a valuable observation, so I want to capture it.

So yeah, even though I disliked Okami, and every review explains that this is basically the same exact game (although, some say, a little worse?) I was hopelessly sold by the adorable characters. I'm so simple-minded.

I watched the intro sequence, and got into the first few gameplay tutorials before I quit for fear of my battery dying. I have not picked it up since (this was... a month ago).

What I Liked:
Cute! There's an adorable puppy! Look at it!!

What I Didn't Like:
Slow! The dialogue felt tedious and drawn out, and 10min in nothing had happened and I was bored and tired of the game. Yes, I know that this is unfair --- but I think it's really important to understand that first impressions are vital! I forget which speaker said it at GDC this year (maybe Richard Dansky) but as a game designer, you are only guarenteed one thing: that the player will start the game. From there, the player can do anything he wants - including quitting. There are so many games to play and there's so little time, that if you don't hook me fast, I'm going to find something more interesting.

That's all I wanted to capture on this one. ;) Maybe it'll get another shot someday when I'm bored at an airport.

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