Monday, August 1, 2011

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Wii) - Session 2

Total Time Played: 5.5 hours

What Happened:

I progressed through the woods collecting light tears to revive a Guardian of Light, and then completed the Forest Temple.

What I Liked:

Spin move charge. This is such a small thing, but after you use your spin move, you have to wait for a short period before you can use it again. You are alerted that your waiting period is over by a glint of light that briefly shines on the tip of your sword, and a satisfying sound effect. It's simple, magical, and communicates the point well.

Monkeys! At the start of the dungeon, you save a monkey who guides you through the first couple of rooms. As you progress, you find that you need to save all of the monkeys that are trapped in the temple, in order for them to help you progress forward by making chains for you to swing on. I love the idea of helping a character which then helps you in turn. Also it's fun when you first save them and they follow or lead you for a bit. They have a fun sense of character.

Dungeon. Now that I have the first real dungeon out of the way, I can say that I liked it!! It was very similar to the dungeon setup from Ocarina - wander around, solve puzzles to get through it all. It felt huge, but it was broken down into what felt like manageable chunks and I didn't feel overwhelmed or very lost (I generally get really lost.... which still happened a couple of times... but it was ok!!)

What I Didn't Like:

Puzzle Lock. So I've given in to the fact that every once in awhile, I'm going to need to use a walkthrough when I get stuck - particularly since I'm such a high risk for just quitting a game when I lose interest. In this case, there were 2 puzzles I couldn't beat (the next one mentioned below). There was a door with 4 towers next to it - which had been previously established to react to boomerang wind. Mostly I just tried to see if I could spin all 4 of them at once, which I could not. Later in the level, I encountered a similar door with 2 towers, which seemed like it opened because I was able to spin both at once -- so I went back and kept trying to spin all 4 at once. Midna said something cryptic at one point about how this was a 'sophisticated lock' and I couldn't just open it with wind, or something... but I was stuck. I look online, and it seems that you're supposed to hit the 4 towers in a specific order. Nothing about the situation made me think there was a solution like that.. no feedback, just failure.

Boomerang. Here's another case where I got stuck - apparently you can lock onto multiple things with your boomerang before you fire it. I'm not really sure how I was ever supposed to figure that one out, since it's the only weapon that works this way. :)It was not obvious to me.

Not enough reward for cutting grass. A Zelda staple is finding things by cutting grass and breaking pots - but I feel in this game that the percentage of grass clumps that actually contain anything is very low - which eventually lead me to just not do it.

Death fog. When the Faron Woods is covered in fog, if you walk into it it instantly kills you. The penalty for death isn't that high so it's not so bad, but it was a complete surprise when it first happened.

Climbing. The climbing animation is excruciatingly slow for seemingly no reason. Maybe eventually a reason will become apparent, but for now it's just slow.

How Do I Feel About Continuing?

I really want to keep playing - the only problem now is that it has to compete for my attention against Catherine. So far, Catherine is winning. :)

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